Service & Quality Management

SPIDYA SQM, enables monitoring of the server and network infrastructure without setting up a third party application, agent or any other similar configuration, from a single console.

SPIDYA Service Quality Management (SQM)

Enables the system and network administrator to aggregate information for network monitoring metrics.For Information Technology specialists, it provides application and server monitoring capabilities that correlate with the network infrastructure to diagnose performance problems.

Allows the rapid identification of the root cause of a problem by verifying the quality of service levels and by means of remote probes. Offers easy-to-use customizations. The quick and easy configuration attribute of the product means that it can be setup without an agent and metrics can be defined for monitoring, without professional services or expensive consultancy costs.

SPIDYA Service Quality Management provides multi-vendor monitoring of Router, Switch, Firewall, Modem, Access points and Lines in the network infrastructure.

Multi-Vendor Network Monitoring Track the availability and performance statistics for any brand of router, network key, firewall, wireless access point, and other devices that support standard protocols.

Monitor Network Performance and Availability Capability to monitor network device and interface availability together with the performance indicators of bandwidth usage, packet loss, latency, failures, exclusion operations, CPU and memory on devices with SNMP feature.

Plan Network Capacity Facilitate managing and optimizing the network infrastructure by providing predictive capacity consumption notifications for important metrics such as bandwidth usage, memory usage, and disk space

Monitor all Branch Offices from a Single Location The lightweight and flexible structure of SQM collectors enables tracking and data collection for multi-branch organizations, not only for the head office but also for across the branches.

Track IT Asset Inventory In addition to accessing the IP address, brand-model, operating system, serial number and location data of the monitored device, with the SQM product it is possible to easily add any required custom definitions.

Wireless Devices Monitoring Instantly monitor Wireless Access Points. Opportunity to observe resource usage of each device on the wireless access point list, report the recorded values and define cap limits.