Idea To Brand

Flexible Architecture - Easy to Use - Fast - Digital Conversion Products

SPIDYA applications, provide innovative solutions for enhanced business process management.

With the idea of developing products enabling companies to enhance their business processes with less effort and lower costs, SPIDYA started research and development in 2012 and has received The Scientific & Research Council of Turkey’s (TUBITAK) support for its projects

Today, SPIDYA products provide a wide variety of solutions meeting the needs of small to medium size companies as well as large enterprises. With its flexible architecture SPIDYA realizes company’s digital transformation processes by consolidating different products on a single platform.

The IT infrastructure and service management products together with the business management applications enable companies to manage their business end to end and make smart investment decisions.

ODYA Technology established R & D team. The idea was born out of the in-house needs.
The platform project was a dream. TUBITAK TEYDEB support for this project was received.
New projects and software applications continued to be developed with TUBITAK support. SPIDIA SMS Gateway device was developed.
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SPIDYA brand registered. In different sectors, products have started to be positioned in the customers.
SPIDYA Software Inc. Officially started its activities. The SPIDYA brand was registered in the European Union countries.
52/5000 The ISO 9001 Quality Management Process has begun to be implemented.