HR Service Management

SPIDYA Human Resources Service Management (HRM)

The task of the Human Resources department is to improve and improve the efficiency of the organization beyond the personnel management. Quick and easy personnel and process management can be done with an application that can be accessed and edited without any need for Excel files or paper pens, all information of company employees can be stored online, and environmentally independent information when needed.

SPIDYA Human Resources Service Management is a structure in which all information of employees can be managed, processes such as candidate, permit, expense, advance and performance evaluation can be managed. In addition to the ready reports, it provides a very participatory structure by removing role-based or user-based interfaces and flexible structure from the task of Human Resources only.



The application provides the ability to manage all the time and cost spent in the recruitment process with the need to position resources and identify to the system.


Candidate Pool

Over time, all applicants who apply to the institution can form a pool and can easily access the information of the candidates by returning to the past.


Candidate Evaluation Process

The job interview and candidate evaluation process is carried out through the candidate management to remove the papers from the middle, as well as instant information and confidentiality.

With the identification of the authorized persons from different units within the institution, evaluations of all units of the candidates can be taken under a shared digital environment.


Administrable Recruitment Processes

The position can be tracked through the application of all HR processes from the point of view of resource requirements to the definition of applicants on the system and the approval of business negotiations and candidates.


Personnel Affairs Management

All employee information of employees can be recorded in a single interface on the application. Salary, payment, account information, overtime, overtime information can be managed and instantly reported.


Leave Management

Permission processes for advanced approval mechanisms can be easily managed through the application. It can easily access all staff requests and details of used permissions from their interfaces.


Asset and Liability Management

All fixed assets can be managed from purchase to disposal, including the assignment of assets to personnel.


Reminder and Task Assignment Function

Ability to assign tasks and create reminders for all processes from candidate evaluation to performance processes.


Performance Management

Quick and easy performance management with dynamically generated performance assessment forms, flexible performance workflows, online assessment tools and management dashboards.