Field Service Management

Combine all your support and maintenance operations with Service Management standards to serve your customers with a unique field service experience. SPIDYA Field Services Management, organizes business processes with its flexible architecture and the tools offered within it help to increase the compliance to your processes. With its end-user, focused structure, it provides a fast, user-friendly and measurable service management experience.
Project Management

You can track operations such as on-site support, installation or manage new client projects through the Project Management Module. The project tree enables you to quickly create projects and facilitates tracking tasks and resources.

Contract Management

Manage all your support and maintenance agreements through the application. Not only will you guarantee that the right service is provided to the right customer but you will also be able to automatically control the how long the service takes as well as the service quotas.


You can track and report your contract obligations with the help of the SLA module integrated with the Customer Service Contracts. Tracking SLA’s will enable you to not only ensure compliance with customer service agreements but it will also improve your operational processes.

Ticket Management

You may swiftly and correctly receive any customer problems via the application interface, mobile application or e-mail. The tickets are classified hence the resolution times are minimized. The integration with customer agreements eases SLA follow up, while the workload management tool enables you to assign the tickets to the correct teams on the field and to the best suiting operator.

Asset and Warehouse Management

SPIDYA, Field Service Management module enables customer inventory and warehouse management. The defined workflows, track and manage the asset lifecycle operation, from procurement to retirement including delivery, loss and insurance processes.

Customer Management

Manage both individual and enterprise customers through the system.

Quicken your business processes with mobile approval realtime integrated with notification mechanism
Integrated GPS enables real-time location notification
Easy attach photos and document to entries
Quick access to reporting interfaces and customized mobile report building ability
Quick problem notification via barcode reader integradted with the camera
Android & IOS
Android & IOS based mobile application
Customizable mobile interfaces
Task follow up and updating when out of office