Data Center Orchestrator

Fully automated data center management.

SPIDYA Data Center Orchestrator (DCO)

SPIDYA DCO provides fully automated solutions when there is a need for data center management.

Each day,data center environments are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Challenges such as agility, latency and downtime due to human error need to be addressed. Data center management is tough, when there is a lack of coordination between IT and the facilities departments.

These operational challenges resulting in delays in IT resource provisioning, has a negative effect on customer satisfaction.

Data centers should operate in a way to avoid any possible mistakes. For this, leveraging the right tools is crucial when answering questions around how to deploy equipment, provision services, and get applications up and running faster.

SPIDYA DCO’s highly productive and flexible architecture allows datacenter operators to be more productive.
Data Center Operators can eliminate repetitive tasks to save time and face fewer mistakes during the operations by using the GUI.
The DCO’s central management configuration, automation and easy integration features improve collaboration and overcome complexity.
The DCO increases the organizations accountability, operational security and compliance without requiring third party consultancy or additional investment.
SPIDYA DCO has a rollback feature, which helps to recover an error and rollback to the previously defined state.
SPIDYA Data Center Orchestrator can also be easily integrated with Service Management Solutions.

For easy access, SPIDYA DCO has a well-documented open, Northbound and Southbound Interface.  Flexible REST API interface allows operators to take every necessary action which can be taken from Graphical User Interface.

SPIDYA Management and Automation also includes change control. This feature confirms authorization of operators from the supervisors, when a configuration needs to be changed.

DCO software has the ability to create custom forms/UI. To meet the changing needs of operation teams, SPIDYA DCO has a flexible architecture that enables provisioning by creating new forms/UI. Newly designed services can be quickly launched with the help of custom forms.

SPIDYA DCO has a rollback feature, which helps to recover an error and rollback to the previously defined state.

The DCO product also supports scripting language which facilitates management. Scripting support, allows operators to run pre-defined actions when events occur. DCO has an interface with switches, permitting communication with Netconf or HTTPs protocols, which respond to commands entered in a structured format (XML or JSON).

DCO is fully integrated with IPAM, hence Customers can easily choose available IP addresses, which are assigned for them from the dropdown menu.

The DCO displays free switch ports, which operators can easily select from the drop down menu.

The Orchestrator, retrieves the backups of the old configurations, tracks modification in configurations and retrieves configuration sets.

New Customer or Change Request for Bandwidth, Request for New IP Block for Existing Customers, Request for New Port for Existing Customers and Network Configuration Request for FireWall and loadbalancer can easily be handled.