Cloud Contact Center

Call Center Services with Minimum Investment Cost

SPIDYA Cloud Contact Center (S3C)

With the SPIDYA Cloud Contact Center, it is possible to provide call center services with only a notebook, a headset and internet connection. Customers who benefit from cloud call center services can completely eliminate hardware, software, installation, maintenance and technical personnel costs.

Meet All Capacity Needs At All Times

Companies which receive call center services may grow rapidly or may want to conduct marketing campaigns periodically.    In any case, with its easily scalable architecture on all layers, S3C will help service providers to use their capacity efficiently.

Facilitate complex call center operations and prevent customers from facing technology based problems. With S3C call center service providers can offer end-to-end modern, smooth call center solution with their own brands.


Self-Service Management Interface

The call center service provider can manage transactions, like membership and contract processes, creating users, campaigns and loading numbers to the database without requiring any assistance.

Campaigns & Operations

Campaigns can host different operations and different team members can be assigned to each operation. This enables effective manpower utilization resulting in successful campaigns.


Gelen, giden aramalar, agent konuşma, mola gibi durum detayları, günlük özet bilgiler gibi veriler kolayca ulaşılabilir durumda. Kampanya, operasyon, ekip ya da agent durumu gibi filtreler ile gerçek zamanlı bilgiler S3C Wallboard üzerinde bir tıkla görüntülenebilir.

Voice Recording

All incoming or outgoing calls to the call center are recorded and stored in good quality without any lossess. When needed it can can easily be reached, replayed or downloaded at any time.

Voice Message

For outgoing and incoming calls, the voicemail is played and the detairmened steps can be taken. Different voice messages can be assigned for each campaign and operation.

CRM Integration

Service-based CRM integration is prepared. With the CRM integration within the Open API, information about the caller or the person called can easily be obtained.


License and Call Limitation

The number of agents who can use softphone simultaneously and cost based call limits for outbound calls can be designated separately by the administrator for each call center. Call center managers can monitor the number of licenses and call limits from a single interface.

Progressive Dialer

The standard Progressive Dialer Aggressive bar can be set up or down to instantly increase the outbound campaign performance and efficiency.

Supervisor Features

The S3C Softphone provides supervisor features to listen into conversations, prompt the agent or conduct conference calls. Supervisors can easily switch to agent or supervisor mode on the softphone.

Open API

With the fully open REST API, it is possible to exchange information, including contact records and bidirectional data sharing for CRM / ERP integrations.


Menu and audio files, operation-specific welcome menus, keying settings and queues can be easily managed with the S3C IVR. There is no limit to the depth of the menu.